Cheese board - Tuscan Pecorino cheese

Chopping board of cheeses - PeTagliere of Tuscan Pecorni of six pieces. Two fresh slices, two slices semi-matured in must or olive leaves and two slices matured one year in a cave. Accompanied by Mediterranean mustard with red peppers and chili peppers and chestnut honey Km.0.corini toscani

Tagliere of Tuscan cold cuts

Chopping board consisting of Tuscan ham, salami, finocchiona, capocollo and lard of Cinta Senese.

Tuscan Bruschetta

The recipe for a classic of Tuscan cuisine, as tasty and simple as the bread and oil that grandmothers gave for snacks. Bruschetta composed of six pieces, two with cherry tomato, garlic, oil and basil, two with lard, honey, black pepper, two Tuscan with chicken livers.

First course

Gigli di B. Cellini

Pasta corta fiorentina con pomodoro pachino saltato con olive e capperi, guarnito con acciughe

Tagliolini with saffron and truffle

Egg tagliolini tossed with truffle sauce, butter, premium saffron and with slices of fresh Scorzone Truffle on top.

pici with garlic

Pici (Tuscan Spaghettoni) made of durum wheat semolina sautéed with Aglione della Valdichiana and chili pepper, with fresh tomato and a little black pepper.

Spaghetto with wild fennel of Duddova

Al dente spaghetti sautéed over a Duddova Wild Fennel pesto made of garlic, salted pecorino cheese and a little chili pepper.

Main courses

Sliced pork with pink pepper and lettuce

Pork fillets cooked in the griddle with salt and cut into slices with the addition of extra virgin olive oil, black pepper and pink pepper and lettuce to plate.

Salcicce with beans all'Uccelletta

Roast pork sausages with oil and garlic on a pan then add cannellini beans and tomato puree while cooking for about ten minutes along with various spices, chili pepper, wild fennel, salt, black pepper and sage. Razzare during cooking until a good consistency.

Fried egg with Scorzone truffle

Pan fried egg with black pepper and black scorzone truffle zest added on top.

Chicken in bread crust plus fried potatoes

Breaded and fried chicken breast with final addition of lemon, rosemary powder and extra virgin olive oil, plus french fries.

Florentine steak

Italian beef with T-bone fillet and sirloin cooked rare on the grill tasty as the Tuscan tradition wants with few spices and Tuscan extra virgin olive oil.


Grandma's cake

Custard cake with almonds and glazed sugar on top.

Vinsanto with Cantucci

Vinsanto (typical Tuscan fortified wine) with dry cookies made with almonds for dipping

Home-made Tiramisu

Grandma's classic Tuscan tiramisu made with mascarpone cheese, mocha coffee, ladyfingers, eggs, sugar, and unsweetened cocoa on top.

Mother's Cake

Rose-shaped panbrioche with custard or chocolate drops

Vanilla and walnut ice cream with Chianti must sauce

Ice cream with Vanilla and Walnut flavored by a sauce similar to the taste of balsamic vinegar aged eight years from Chianti